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February 08, 2024

Elevate Your Gaming Career with the 1v1Me Partner Program Turn Your Passion into Profit: Join 1v1Me's Exclusive Partner Program Today!

Date: February 7, 2024

Are you ready to take your gaming to the next level? The 1v1Me Partner Program offers avid gamers a unique opportunity to earn by playing their favorite games. This program is not just about competition; it's about community, growth, and turning your gaming passion into profit.

What Makes 1v1Me Unique?

1v1Me is a revolutionary platform where gamers can stake on matches in popular titles like Warzone, Madden, NBA 2K, FIFA, Rocket League, and Fall Guys. What sets us apart is our commitment to providing a legal, engaging, and rewarding platform for esports enthusiasts. Partners play in events in their favorite games, allowing fans to stake on 1v1Me, backing their favorite team while getting paid if they win.

Games Supported

  • Warzone
  • Madden
  • NBA 2K
  • FIFA
  • Rocket League
  • Fall Guys


  • Play Weekly: Be available for 1-2 weekly matches, minimum against other partners.

  • Stream All Your Events: Stream all events with in your stream title with a facecam + gameplay audio.

  • Show Up on Time, Be Responsible & Professional: You will be held accountable to show up for your matches on time and maintain professional behavior as a brand representative of 1v1Me both on and off the platform.

  • Maintain a Competitive Level of Play: Even when you may be losing you will be held accountable to the highest level of competitive play possible.

"My favorite thing about 1v1Me is the fact that I can get paid for playing the games I love the most." - , 1v1Me Partner, Stakers have earned $75k+


  • Get Paid To Compete: For each match you compete in you will be given a minimum pay. Paid out monthly!

  • Get Viewers: Top partners see up to 100+ viewers on events they participate in.

  • Get Promoted: Your socials and streams will be promoted and shown on 1v1Me to over 300k+ users.

  • Pick Your Availability: Each week you will fill out a schedule where you tell us when you are free to play!

  • Community Involvement: Allow your community to stake on your events.

Want to be a Partner?

Step 1. Apply

Apply to the Partner Program using the link below!

Step 2. Try Outs

Play against other applicants in a BO1 double-elimination tournament.

Step 3. Exhibition Matches

Compete head-to-head with 3 of our current partners.

Step 4. Interview

Participate in a full interview with our team where we decide if you are a right fit for the program!

Step 5. Contract & Onboarding

If selected you will be offered an official contract & be onboarded to play your first match with us!

"Our goal is to help all partners make a living directly from 1v1Me. So far, some partners are making $2k+ per month competing on 1v1Me weekly" - Anthony Geranio, CEO of 1v1Me

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much can I make? Partners can make upwards of $2k+ per month, depending on how often you play!
  • When am I paid? The 1st of every month to your 1v1Me wallet
  • What is the full process after I apply? 1st Apply, 2 Try-out, 3 Partner Exhibition Matches, 4 Recorded Interview, 5 Contract & Onboarding
  • How long does it take for someone to review my application? There is no time limit for this. The team regularly reviews applications. Staying active on 1v1Me is the best way for your application to be reviewed.

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