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Blog / How Much Do 1v1Me Partners Make? A Look into Earnings and Opportunities

February 09, 2024

How Much Do 1v1Me Partners Make? A Look into Earnings and Opportunities From Passionate Gamers to High Earners: The Financial Journey of 1v1Me Partners

Date: February 9, 2024

The 1v1Me Partner Program has redefined what it means to be a professional gamer, offering not just a platform for competition, but a viable career path for those skilled and dedicated enough to seize the opportunity. As of February 9, 2024, the burning question on many aspiring gamers' minds is: How much can I actually earn as a 1v1Me Partner? Let's dive into the numbers and stories that paint the picture of potential earnings.

Average Earnings of a 1v1Me Partner

On average, 1v1Me Partners enjoy earnings of around $400 monthly. This figure is a testament to the program's viability as a supplementary income source, especially considering that matches can last anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. When broken down, the hourly wage for competing in and winning matches is notably competitive, particularly for college students, part-time workers, or anyone looking to monetize their gaming hobby.

The Top Earners: $2000 to $3000 Per Month

While $400 represents an average, there's a significant portion of 1v1Me Partners whose earnings far exceed this number. Several partners rake in between $2000 to $3000 per month, playing several times per week. This upper echelon of earners showcases the program's potential for those who are highly skilled, consistent, and engaged with their audience. It's a compelling career option for those looking to dedicate themselves to gaming full-time.

Beyond the Earnings: Popularity and Viewership

Monetary earnings are just one part of the equation. 1v1Me Partners also benefit from increased visibility and popularity, often garnering hundreds of viewers per match. This popularity not only enhances their earning potential through the platform itself but opens doors to additional revenue streams such as sponsorships, streaming advertisements, and more. The 1v1Me Partner Program serves as an excellent launchpad for building a personal brand in the competitive gaming and streaming space.

The Secret to Success

The key to achieving the higher end of this earnings spectrum lies in consistency, engagement, and skill improvement. Partners who play regularly, interact with their audience, and continuously hone their gaming abilities tend to see the most significant financial rewards. Moreover, leveraging the viewership and popularity gained through 1v1Me for cross-platform growth can amplify earnings even further.


Becoming a 1v1Me Partner offers a lucrative opportunity for those passionate about gaming. With average earnings of $400 and top earners making up to $3000 monthly, coupled with the potential for popularity and brand building, the 1v1Me Partner Program stands out as a premier choice for gamers looking to monetize their skills. If you're ready to take your gaming career to the next level, consider joining the ranks of 1v1Me Partners today.

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