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February 08, 2024

How to Become a 1v1Me Rocket League Partner: Elevate Your Gameplay Drive, Fly, and Earn: Joining the 1v1Me Rocket League Partner Program

How to Become a 1v1Me Rocket League Partner: Elevate Your Gameplay

Drive, Fly, and Earn: Joining the 1v1Me Rocket League Partner Program

Date: February 7, 2024

Rocket League players with dreams of soaring to new heights, the 1v1Me Partner Program is your launchpad. This is your chance to transform your Rocket League skills into a thriving esports career, earning money while doing what you love most.

Why Rocket League on 1v1Me?

The 1v1Me Partner Program is uniquely designed for Rocket League players who are passionate about competing and growing their presence in the esports world. Here’s why you should consider becoming a part of our community:

  • Competitive Play: Engage in exhilarating Rocket League matches against skilled opponents.
  • Earnings and Rewards: Get rewarded for your gameplay with earnings for every victory.
  • Community and Exposure: Expand your fan base through the 1v1Me platform, connecting with Rocket League enthusiasts globally.

Your Path to Partnership

Step 1: Application

Initiate your esports career by applying to the 1v1Me Partner Program. Showcase your Rocket League expertise and share why you’d make a great partner.

Step 2: Show Off Your Skills in Tryouts

After your application, you'll be invited to participate in tryouts. This is where you demonstrate your abilities in Rocket League, impressing us with your aerials, goals, and teamwork.

Step 3: Excel in Exhibition Matches

Advance from tryouts to compete in exhibition matches against current 1v1Me partners. This is your moment to shine and prove you're ready for partnership.

Step 4: Interview Opportunity

Impress in your exhibition matches, and you'll proceed to an interview with our team. We're keen to learn about your passion for Rocket League and your aspirations as a 1v1Me partner.

Step 5: Welcome to the Team

If you're successful, we'll extend an official partnership contract to you. Welcome to the 1v1Me family! Now, it's time to hit the pitch, compete, and grow your esports legacy.

Benefits of Being a 1v1Me Partner

  • Consistent Income: Secure steady earnings from your matches, with potential for additional income through community engagement and victories.
  • Increased Visibility: Leverage 1v1Me’s platform to boost your viewership and connect with fans worldwide.
  • Promotional Support: Enjoy marketing support to highlight your achievements and increase your online presence.


  • What can I earn? Your earnings are directly tied to your level of activity and success in matches.
  • When do I get paid? Partners are paid monthly, with payments sent directly to their 1v1Me wallets.
  • What's involved in the selection process? The process includes applying, tryouts, exhibition matches, an interview, and contract signing if you're selected.

Transform your passion for Rocket League into a rewarding career with the 1v1Me Partner Program. Apply today and begin your journey to becoming a recognized player in the esports arena.

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