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July 31, 2023

How to Wager in Apex *Turn your Apex skills into real cash with 1v1Me! Compete, win, and get paid - all with zero fees. Try it today with our promo code WAGER to get $10 free towards your first stake.*

How to Wager in Apex with 1v1Me?

Wagering in Apex on 1v1Me is simple:

  1. Download the 1v1Me app from the iOS store and sign up.
  2. Choose to compete in the standard Battle Royale mode.
  3. Place your wager.
  4. Win the game and get the cash!

With 1v1Me, there are no fees to compete, which means all your winnings are yours to keep.

1v1Me Partner Program

With consistent and good gameplay, you could become a 1v1Me Partner. Partners compete in events that fans can stake on. This comes with guaranteed cash to compete along with a revenue share from the fans that stake on them. As a partner, you can make thousands per month and monetize your gaming skills without needing to be a popular creator.


"1v1Me takes competitive gaming to a new level. It's not just about winning, it's about earning. Best gaming app out there!" - User review.

Join the fun today. on 1v1Me and use our promo code WAGER for a free $10 towards your first stake!

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